Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2012

Printing the ArcReactor

I also made a wearable version of the Arc-Reactor with my RepRap:

It contains 21 blue LEDs controlled by an Atmega8.
 I wrote a simple Soft 8-Bit-PWM that controls every single LED.

The battery case contains an old Nokia Mobile Battery. I think it will glow about 20 hours or so.
 A simple micro switch enables the device.

It was a nice try what you can do easily with a RepRap, I actually think a will not wear it, because it's very uncomfortable. So I prefer my Painted Shirts. 
If you are interested in the schematics, Programm Code or 3D files contact me

Here is the package with the code, 3d files and the layout:
Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag

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