Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2012

Painting the Arc

Here is my new Arc-Reactor T-shirt based on the Iron Man 2 or Avengers films.
And also a step by step instruction how to make it.

1. Print the motive put an overhead film or something else transparent on it and fix it with some tape:
2. Use a hobby knife to cut all the parts you want to be printed out of the film. 
3. Fix it on the right position on your shirt:
I used a piece of metal inside the shirt and some super magnets to fix the film on the shirt. Make sure it doesn't move. You can use either tape to fix it. But don't forget to put some paper behind the fabric, the color I use prints throw the cotton so you have to protect the backside of the shirt.

4. Printing: 
To print on the shirt you have to use some special Textile colors. I got my form the local hobby store. The price is about 5-6€ for the big glass.
Then put some of the color to a flat surface, I prefer glass from an old picture frame. 
next you first layer it should look like this:
need is a piece of a sponge, put press it in the color and then on the shirt.
After the 

5. Adding a second color layer:
6. And some details:
I painted some withe highlights with a normal brush, you have to try this a little bit.
Finally after it is dry you can remove the film:

And her the v1 I made some month ago:

7. Last but not least you have to let it dry completely and then iron it with high temperature from the backside as described on the paint. This will make it more durable.
So have fun making your own shirts and a big thx to Blindleistung for teaching me how to do it.

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