Dienstag, 6. Januar 2015

3D printable Robot Arm

This is the first post about my new 3D printable robot arm. It is inspired by well known industrial robots but 3D printed. The overall goal is to build a nearly entirely printable and cheap robot arm with at least 5 degrees of freedom.

I'm currently done with the base section and the forearm. I plan to document this project as a video log on Youtube. 
The first video is about the base section, the second about the forearm:

Rotary plate and conclusion:

I hope you excuse the video and audio quality as I'm still learning this video stuff. 
Of course you can download the stl files from thingiverse:

The parts are completely printed in ABS. This took about a week. I used 12% 3d honeycomb infill and slic3r 1.21e. It's about 1.2kg filament. 

I don't recommend printing them yet as I need different kind of motors. Steppers are not the best solution for a robot. They provide accurate movement but the torque-to-weight ratio is very bad. I will post updates with future developments. 

Next up is the gripper:

Arm moving with DC-Motors:

I started a hackaday.io project:

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  1. Mi estimado le saluda Jonathan Quishpe

    El motivo de mi mensaje es para saber acerca de un brazo robótico, ya que estoy interesado en comprar uno de esos con todas sus piezas completas.

    saludos cordiales

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