Donnerstag, 26. September 2013

Expedit Coffee Bar

As the title implies, this is a simple mod to create a small coffee bar out of an Ikea Expedit rack.
I covered the desk with an 1 mm aluminium sheet, also the border is enhanced with an rectangular aluminium stripe. Everything is glued directly to the rack's surface in order to avoid screw holes.

The coffee maker is placed on a more ergonomic level. The stainless steal parts are also from Ikea (CAPITA) .

The lighting is made of an acrylic white plastic and a RGB led stripe. I bought 4 pieces of wood in the local home store, already cut to 33,5x33,5cm. I used my jigsaw to cut holes in each one, glued the LEDs to the wood using hot glue and assembled everything.

I used a self designed controller for the LED stripes. It is based on an ATMega8, and can drive 5-LED stripes. The firmware supports an 8-bit PWM on every channel. To control the lights remotely and changing the lighting mode I used an infrared receiver.  

This shows my test and development board. 

I used n-channel MOSFETs for switching the led stripes to reduce the voltage drop and to increase the efficiency of the board.
This picture shows the controller (and some other boards) after etching. 

To decode the IR-signals I used the great Infrarot-Multiprotokoll-Decoder (IRMP) library from

This is a demo of my new ethernet Arduino board I'm developing. I attached an IR-LED to the board and wrote a little program with buttons to change the colors. The windows program sends an UDP-package to the Arduino board which generates the IR signal. The LED controller receives the IR signal and sets up the light correctly.

In the future I plan to develop an Android app to switch the lights. 
The final installation is not very spectacular. As power supply I used an XBOX 360 HD-DVD drive AC adapter, which was left from salvaging the blue laser diode years ago.

As usual you can download the board files form thingiverse:
Just some pictures.

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