Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2019

Mantis Rover Mecanum Robot Platform

This is the second part of the build of the moving base for my robot arm project. The Rover is now fully operational.

I added a project:

You can download the cad files from:
or the stl at thingiverse:

The PCB files for the motor drivers are available at:

I post regular updates on my Instagram feed:

Links (some are affiliate links!)
 The Motors I used
24V 440 RPM

The BMS of my Battery Packs

The Microcontroller
STM32F4 Black VET6

 Remote Taranis Q X7
3.2V 6Ah
LiFePo4 Cell

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  1. Could you mention the connectors in the battery case and how you attach the BMS (in the case?)