Freitag, 5. Februar 2016

Building my own onewheel "skateboard"

Since Adam Savage from Mythbusters posted his best gadgets 2015 I fall in love with the OneWheel, but oblivious I would never by one if I can make one by myself. After watching some youtube videos about it, the requirements are not that hard and this is finally the opportunity to build my own motor controller. You can watch the first parts on YouTube:
Here is the CAD model.
The motor sits in the tire, so I needed to design my own rim.

 The rim half will be 3D printed, it's also a nice test how tough the prints will be. The frame is made of aluminium rods. I'm using a 250W electrical bicycle motor I got cheap on ebay.
 To fit inside the tire I had to remove the spokes mounts, luckily we have a fablab with a late in town, so I could remove them:
The Motor will be mounted to the aluminium frame with some rood. I cut a thread in the center and and some counter screws sideways.
I also drilled holes in the motor and mounted screws sideways to mount the 3d printed rim parts. With the basic frame completed it starts looking like something to drive with:
That's all for now, I keep you guy updated about the progress. And I will publish the cad, code and electronics if I'm done. Batteries will be LiFePo4 cells, they are lightweight but high capacity and the best thing compared to normal LiPo batteries are: They can't burn ^^ As motor controller I found a interesting product called TI instaspin-FOC. I cover this topics later.

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